Navigators’ Base Camp

Welcome Navigators! 

We are so glad you have decided to climb to the peaks with us.

Reminders about Reaching the Peaks:

  • Once you think you have reached the peak of a mountain, ask an adult for permission to leave us a reply explaining how you arrived at a solution. Your reply may not appear right away – don’t worry! – it has been sent to Portal Peak for review and will be posted soon.
  • Reach the Peak replies will not be reviewed and posted until after Wednesday to give as many Navigators as possible a chance to work through the problem. You can send in your Reach the Peak anytime, but if there is a delay, this is why.
  • Remember, there is no need to give an email, your last name, or a website when leaving your reply, just leave those parts blank.

Do you have a question for the Expedition Leaders? Do you have an idea for where the next portal should open up? Drop us a line below.