Welcome to Portal Peak

Welcome to Portal Peak

At its heart, Portal Peak is a place for students and classrooms from around the globe to engage in collaborative problem solving in real life, authentic contexts.

Each week a new “Portal” opens up, transporting students into a new exploration. It might be a historical battlefield or inside a recording studio, but wherever the portal opens the students, or Navigators as we call them around here, are presented with a “Mountain to Climb:” a sort of challenge that needs a thoughtful solution. It could be a math inspired challenge, an engineering inspired challenge, or even a language arts inspired challenge: the possibilities are endless! Regardless of the Mountain to Climb, Navigators must work to create solutions showing how to “Reach the Peak.” Then, they can post their ideas and see how others Reached the Peak and engage in digital conversations with other Navigators.

Each Portal contains “Seeking the Peak” resources that can be used to help Navigators along and support their thinking .

There are also “Beyond the Peak” resources that provide cross-curricular tie in’s to each Portal.

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